Diagrams of AB-PA

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Diagrams of AB-PA

These are visual diagrams for various aspects of AB-PA.

Structures of AB-PA

This is a diagram of the various professional knowledge lines involved in “parental alienation” pathology.

Decision Tree for AB-PA

This is a decision tree for addressing AB-PA pathology.

Minuchin Family Diagram

This is Minuchin’s Structural family diagram for this pathology, cross-generational coalition, emotional cutoff,

Diagrams of Family Transitions (Childress, 2014)

This is a diagram and description of the various transition pathways for a divorcing family.

AB-PA in Diagrams (Childress, 2013)

These are various diagrams depicting aspects of AB-PA

Co-construction of Meaning Diagrams

This is a depiction of the pathological co-construction of meaning between the allied parent and child in “parental alienation” pathology.

The Underbelly (Childress, 2017)

This diagrams represent the associated damaged networks from the core complex trauma pathology.